Ex Ordo Announces Partnership with Researcher to Reader

17 July 2023

Ex Ordo Announces Partnership with Researcher to Reader

Ex Ordo is delighted to announce a new partnership with Researcher to Reader (R2R), a key player in the scholarly communications ecosystem, with a highly anticipated conference hosted annually in London, UK.

R2R is not just a conference, but a community of people driven by a collective desire to improve the international scholarly content supply chain. Plugging into that mission is Ex Ordo, an events-focussed company specific to scholarly needs, which sees conferences as a core part of the research life cycle. Ex Ordo will support R2R with the submissions and review process of selecting programme content for their conference in February 2024.

“Our Call for Papers is a very important part of the development of our conference programme,” said R2R Conference director Mark Carden. “A large proportion of our sessions come from proposals made by our R2R community and the wider scholarly communications population. We were looking for a way to streamline our processes, and had three key criteria: people who understand academia, people who build great software, and people we like and trust. Ex Ordo delivered on all three so outstandingly well that it was just a very easy and natural choice for us.”

Paul Killoran, Ex Ordo founder and CEO: “Researcher to Reader is one of those conferences that capture the spirit and dialogue of a community with great eloquence. I have always admired Mark and his team, and their ability to create really innovative discussion forums that highlight the core concerns and ideas of the scholarly community. Organising a conference is logistically very challenging, and we’re proud knowing that the simplification offered by our platform is going to help the R2R team spend more time crafting a richer programme; something that will benefit our entire community.”

The R2R Conference typically attracts 150-200 participants. Around 40% of past attendees came from outside the UK, with strong engagement from the US and Scandinavia. R2R are now actively seeking to bring a more diverse range of voices to the table - particularly contributors and participants from Africa and Asia. Having an efficient conference management system is key to realising this vision.

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