Gather Your Tribe with a Virtual Conference

Bring your virtual experience to life with an online event space packed with everything from unlimited live sessions to on-demand videos and media. Built exclusively for research events.

Rally Your Community With a Virtual Gathering

Support your members as they face an uncertain future. Empower presenters to share their research. And give sponsors their moment in the spotlight.

Lead Your Community When They Need You Most

Become your members’ trusted source of support and guidance as they face an uncertain future.

Uphold Research and Continuing Education

Empower presenters to share their work, giving them the visibility and credit they need to progress their careers.

Generate Vital Income

Budgets everywhere are feeling the pinch. Generate registration fees and give sponsors their moment in the spotlight.

Adapt to Our Changing World

Stay relevant by embracing new ways of learning in a landscape that’s been utterly changed.

What Will Be Included

Curate for Discovery
Create a live space for your audience to gather, consume content and see what’s new. Host your event highlights and star speakers on a main stage that’s accessible from attendees’ fingertips.
Stream Live or Upload
Using integrations with tried-and-tested streaming and video software, we’ll cater to your content’s diverse needs. Whether that’s live streaming, video presentations, or poster and paper PDFs.
Control Who Gets Access
Make your conference accessible to everyone, or restrict it to those who’ve paid. Gradually reveal content as the day progresses, or publish it all from the word go.
Connect Your Community
Rekindle the magic of in-person events by helping your audience to connect and send messages on our virtual meeting platform. Let delegates dive into discussions, ask questions or take part in polls.
Get Friendly Support
We’ll help bring your first virtual conference to life with friendly, dedicated support. And we’ll share our guides and best practices for using virtual conference software.

We find ourselves in extraordinary times

Clarity and certainty are in short supply. And many of you are facing painful financial decisions. To help you meet these unparalleled challenges, we’re going all-in to build a virtual conference platform.

Ex Ordo Virtual is designed solely for scholarly events like yours and will go beyond simple webinars. In times of crises we crave togetherness. We can help you provide that space for your scholarly community.

We are all in this together.

Paul Killoran Ex Ordo Founder

Pivot Your Conference to Virtual

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