Build a Beautiful Mobile App

Let delegates navigate your event, right from their phones. Build and publish an elegant mobile conference app for Android and iOS.

3 screenviews within Ex Ordo mobile conference app, home, schedule and delegate posts

Mobile Conference App Overview

Supercharge Networking
Let delegates make connections before your conference even begins. Delegates can send private messages, create public posts, and book meetings with each other.
No Duplicating Data
Your data is available across the whole platform. Sessions, presentations and venues are populated in your app. No copying and pasting needed.
Send Instant Notifications
Keep everyone in the loop when there's a change of plan by sending instant push notifications to delegates’ phones.
Gain Sponsor Usage Stats
Give sponsors in-app ad banners and promoted posts. Then send them meaningful metrics with proven ROI.
Get Live Audience Interaction
Take the pulse of any session with live in-app polls and surveys. And use the real-time feedback to drive audience discussion.
Power-up Your Programme
Delegates get a programme that stays accessible, even without wifi. And they can create a handy personalised itinerary too.
Create an Interactive Map
Help delegates navigate your space with an interactive map of the conference venue.
Access Live Data
See how delegates are using your app content through intuitive live metrics.

We're proud that Guidebook's technology powers our mobile conference app. Just like us, Guidebook believes in exceptional conference software. That's why their technology has powered over 50,000 events to date.

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