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From your Call For Papers to your conference proceedings, Ex Ordo is with you all the way.


Custom Form Builder

Create a custom form for your authors in minutes. Include tracks, topics, abstracts, papers, attachments, presentation types, word counts, custom fields, special characters, formatting and more.

Multiple Roles

Role types included are: Chair, Author, Reviewer, Assistant, Track Chair, Review Group Chair and Data viewer.

No Downloads

No downloads or installations. Everything is stored online on our secure servers (99.99% uptime) and backed up daily.

Local Timezones

Set all system deadlines using a local timezone.

Single or Multiple Tracks

Choose Single Track for small conferences or Multiple Tracks for larger conferences (with separate tracks, deadlines, topics and pools of reviewers)

Committee Visibility

Give full access to your committee so they can see all the data and track the conference progress in real-time, 24/7.

Exports & Reporting

Download all conference data to Excel for offline analysis.

Email Confirmation

Author submissions are autosaved as they go. Authors and co-authors get automatic email confirmations of their submissions.

Individual, Secure Account

Each user has a unique, password protected account.

Search & Bulk Actions

Search and filter authors, submissions, reviewers, by topic, track, score. Use bulk actions to export, withdraw and email en masse.

Unlimited Admins

You can have unlimited administrators in all conferences.

Scalable and Flexible

Used by conferences of all sizes across all disciplines - from 50 to 5000 submissions.


Custom Reviewer Widget

Build a custom widget for your reviewers to score, comment and make recommendations.

Reviewer Decline

Prior to reviewing, reviewers can send a submission back to the chair to assign it to someone else.

Limit Nepotism

Restrict reviewers from an organisation being allocated submissions from their colleagues.

Number of Reviews

Best practice is 3 reviews per submission. Set the number to match your own workflow.

Comments and Scoring

Reviewers score with simple dropdowns and can add comments in text boxes.

Comments for Authors and Chairs

Reviewers can make comments for authors, and add comments just for the chair.

1-Click Allocation

Our 1-Click allocation gives a best-fit match of submissions to reviewers. You can manually tweak the allocation before review begins.

Reviewer Pack

Reviewers can download the full set of submissions for offline access.

1 or 2 Stage Review

Review in 1 stage (e.g just abstracts), or in 2 stages (e.g abstracts first, then papers).

Single or Double Blind

With single blind, reviewers can see the author names. With double blind, the author names are hidden.

Manage Reviewers

Identify the slow-moving reviewers. Send reminders with 1-click. Re-assign reviewers, close off and disable reviews to complete the review process by your deadline.


Accept and Reject

Use simple drop downs to tag submissions with Accept or Reject.

Collect Final Abstracts & Papers

Accepted authors can upload amended abstracts and full papers.


Accepted submitters can confirm attendance to help build your programme quicker.

Drill-Down View

Drill down to each submission to see individual reviewer scores and comments.

Exports Reviews

Export all the review data for offline analysis.

Request Author Feedback

Ask authors to explain how they have acted upon reviewer feedback.

2nd-Stage Review

Review the final drafts in a 2nd review stage before making your final decision.

Add Chair Comments

Add chair comments for the authors (in addition to the comments from reviewers).

1-Click Notification

Send accepted and rejected notifications to authors with 1-click.

Copyright Transfer

Authors can transfer copyright via a simple checkbox or by uploading a signed disclaimer.


Customise your Registration Form

Customise your registration form, then make a test registration to check everything's just right.

Take your Data With you

Export your delegate details, invoices or payment info for offline use, wherever you are.

Use One System, for Everything

Get live stats on registration numbers and payments, and identify which presenters have registered (and which haven’t).

Accept Bank Transfers

Give delegates the freedom to pay via purchase order and bank transfer, and their record payments.

Secure Card Payments, Fast

Get set up in minutes to take Visa, MasterCard and AMEX payments.

Enjoy 100% Security

Keep your data safe and secure. Our system is fully encrypted and PCI compliant.


Supercharge Networking

Let delegates make connections before your conference even begins. Delegates can send each other private messages and create public posts.

No Duplicating Data

Your data is available across the whole platform. Submissions, authors and sessions are populated in your app. No copying and pasting needed.

Send Instant Notifications

Keep everyone in the loop when there's a change of plan by sending instant push notifications to delegates’ phones.

Gain Sponsor Usage Stats

Give sponsors in-app ad banners and promoted posts. Then send them meaningful metrics with proven ROI.

Get Live Audience Interaction

Take the pulse of any session with live in-app polls and surveys. And use the real-time feedback to drive audience discussion.

Power-up your Schedule

Delegates get a schedule that stays accessible, even without wifi. And they can create a handy personalised itinerary too.

Update and Go

Update schedules and speaker lists from your phone, without breaking stride.

Access Live Data

See how delegates are using your app content though intuitive live metrics.


Timetable Builder

Create an online timetable and publish it to the web for open or password-protected access.


Collect Presenter Biographies - these are automatically linked to the presentationin the timetable.

Integrated Up-to-Date

Integrated with the core system. Any changes (e.g late withdrawals) are updated in real-time.

No Data Re-entry

All data is pulled across from the main system so there is no data re-entry.

Presentations & Posters

Collect presentation and poster material and include these in the timetable.

PDF & Excel Timetable Overview

A PDF of the top level of the timetable and an excel version that you can manipulate.

USB Version

Get a USB/Flash drive-ready version of the timetable with links to all the collateral material.

Traffic Cop

Automatically check for conflicts to ensure no author is in 2 places at once.

Available Online 24/7

Publish to the web and make it available to all or to password protected.

Presentation Downloader

1-click download of all presentation files for easy transfer to conference computers.

Available for 2 years

The timetable remains online for 2 years after the conference.

Book of Proceedings

Print-Ready Book

We can create a full print-ready PDF book for your conference. Just give to your printer or add to your website.

Save Days

Let Ex Ordo build your book, saving you days of work at a crucial time in your conference.

Book Contents

Includes front and back cover, foreword, sponsors, table of contents, formatting, full list of abstracts or papers, abstract images, page numbering, and author index.

Order by Format or Date

Order the list of abstracts or papers by format (e.g. oral, poster), or by time (as the presentations occurred).

Setup & Support

30-min Setup

Setup takes 30 minutes. Start collecting submissions straight away.

Unlimited Email Support

Unlimited technical email support for you and your participants. Mon to Fri 4am-5pm ET.

Secure, Hosted Storage

Your conference data is safe. Our servers have 99.99% uptime, daily buckups, redundancy and secure login through https.

Risk-Free Pricing

You only pay for the number of submissions you review. We bill 50% on order and 50% when the review process begins.

End of Conference Report

Download a final report with all the data from your conference.

Intuitive UI

Ex Ordo's unique To-Do's, Work flows, Stats and Reminders keep your conference on track.

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base articles and videos help you and your participants use the system effectively.

Multiple Roles

Role types include author, chair, assistant, track chair, review group chair, reviewer and data viewer roles.

Single and Multi-License

We have license options for one-off or multiple events. Contact for further details.

Unlimited Admins

You can have unlimited administrators in all conferences, each with full or view-only access.


4 phone calls with a dedicated Ex Ordo expert at the key stages in the conference.

No Downloads

Everything is hosted on our secure servers, which are backed up daily.

Email Centre

Use Ex Ordo's email centre to send targetted emails with just 3 clicks. Copy the pre-built email templates or create your own.

Kickstart the next conference

Use the data to send the next event (e.g author and reviewer mailing list, topics, tracks, etc). Participants can use their existing account for access.

30 Min Setup
99.9% Uptime
Super Support
Secure HTTPS