From Call for Papers to Online Event, We've Got You Covered

From announcing your conference to hosting presentations, our online conference platform has you covered.


Structure your conference along one single track, or create multiple tracks with their own deadlines and chairs. Customise your submissions form to collect papers or abstracts, and anything else you need. Authors get a submission receipt and can edit right up to the deadline.


Tailor your peer review process till it's the perfect fit. Specify how many reviews each submission needs. Keep reviewers happy by limiting how many submissions each one gets. And watch as our powerful allocation engine matches submissions to the best-qualified reviewers.


Start allocating submissions to reviewers as soon as you want. Then follow their progress and send targeted reminders to those who fall behind. And when you need to, you can re-assign submissions, or close or disable reviews. So you never miss another deadline.

Reviewer Workspace

Build a clear marking scheme that’s got everything reviewers need. Reviewers can grade with scores or comments, and they can work online or download their submissions. And we'll give prompts to guide them through outstanding tasks.


Browse completed reviews by score or inspect them individually. Add chair comments and when you’re ready, use a dropdown to accept or reject them. Then send letters of acceptance, right from your dashboard.


Choose your currency and payment methods, structure your fees and add all the usual options like workshops and events. Get extra info from delegates by asking them customised questions. And limit ticket sales for fees, workshops or events.


Boost attendance by sending reminders or discount codes to people who haven’t yet registered. We’ll give you live stats on delegate numbers and payments so you can keep on top of things. And we’ll show you which presenters have paid (and which haven’t).

Self Service

Delegates get automated receipts and can come back and edit their registration, so you don’t have to. And they only need one account on our conference management software to submit, register and pay for your conference. Easy.

Bank Transfers

Give delegates the freedom to pay by purchase order and bank transfer. Track which delegates haven’t paid and send reminders when you need to. And we’ll let you record when your invoices are paid - so you don’t wind up with bad debts when it’s all over.

Card Payments

Get set up in minutes to take secure Visa, MasterCard and AMEX payments through payment platform Stripe. We're fully encrypted and PCI compliant, and with Stripe you get built-in fraud detection. Delegates get a seamless checkout experience and you get paid in less than a week.

Enjoy 100% Security

Keep your data safe and secure. Our system is fully encrypted and PCI compliant.

Stream Live

Live stream sessions using the video conferencing platform of your choice (Webex, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Restream, etc.) and deliver bingeable, on-demand video content from our integrated events hub.

Host On-Demand

Publish content that attendees can consume when it best suits. Collect everything from videos, to poster PDFs and spreadsheets of raw data. Gradually reveal this content as your event progresses, or publish it in advance so attendees show up with burning questions on the day.

Stay in Control

Make sure everyone's set up before the big day, then keep tabs throughout your event. Appoint stage managers to run your live sessions. Hold private rehearsals for star speakers. Get your community up to speed by scheduling public rehearsals. Then, on the day, keep tabs on upcoming live sessions and step in if someone needs help.

Build Visually

Complex technical programmes are at the heart of our platform’s design. Populate your sessions with the presentations you’ve already collected. Use visuals to manage multiple streams, parallel sessions and thousands of presentations. Our conflict checker helps you ensure presenters are never scheduled in two places at once.

Print-Ready Book

We can create a full print-ready PDF book for your conference. All you need to do is send it to your printer or upload it to your website.

Book Contents

Your book includes a cover, foreword, sponsors’ content, table of contents, full list of submissions, images, and an author index.

Order by Format or Date

Order your abstracts or papers by format (e.g. oral, poster), or by presentation slots.

Supercharge Networking

Let delegates make connections before your conference even begins. Delegates can send each other private messages and create public posts.

Create an Interactive Map

Help delegates navigate your space with an interactive map of the conference venue.

Gain Sponsor Usage Stats

Give sponsors in-app ad banners and promoted posts. Then send them meaningful metrics with proven ROI.

Send Instant Notifications

Keep everyone in the loop when there's a change of plan by sending instant notifications to delegates’ phones.

Conference Branding

Upload your conference logo and cover image to create your own elegantly branded conference dashboard. No generic portals here.

One Central Hub for Communicating

We've built you a place where you can message everyone connected to your conference. Select a group of contacts, write your message, test it and send. No CC'ing, no send limits. It’s that easy.

One Single Login

Whether you're chairing, submitting, reviewing or registering, you only ever need to log in to one account. Access levels mean everyone sees only what they should.

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