All-in-one Abstract Management Software

Abstract and paper submission, peer review and registration.

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One System for Everything

Collect abstracts and papers, allocate reviews, accept and register participants. Build an online timetable and book for your conference.

Collect Abstracts and Papers

Create a custom form for your authors. All data is stored online and backed up daily. Simple export for offline use.

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Powerful Peer Review

Build a custom widget for your reviewers to grade and comment online. Review in 1 or 2 stages.

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Accept & Notify Authors

Filter the completed reviews by summary score. Drill down to the individual reviews and add chair comments. Accept and notify authors with 1-click.

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Custom Registration Form

Our powerful system guides you through creating your registration form and taking payments. And our delegate funnel gives a clear view of who’s registered and paid.

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Add Ons: Timetable & Book

Share an online timetable of your conference. Get a print-ready book to give to your printer.

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