Everything You Need to Run a Research Conference

Your abstract management, registration and mobile conference app on one easy-to-use system. Trusted worldwide.

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One System for Everything

Collect abstracts and papers, and allocate reviews. Accept and register delegates, then build a timetable and share it on your mobile conference app.

Collect Abstracts and Papers

Create a custom form so you get exactly what you need from authors. Your data is stored online and backed up daily. Simple export for offline use.

Screenshot: Collect Abstracts and Papers

Powerful Peer Review

Build a custom widget for your reviewers to grade and comment online. Review in 1 or 2 stages and track reviews as they happen.

Screenshot:Powerful Peer Review

Accept and Notify Authors

Filter the completed reviews by summary score. Drill down to the individual reviews and add chair comments. Accept and notify authors with 1 click.

Screenshot: Accept & Notify Authors

Custom Registration Form

Our system guides you through creating a registration form and taking payments. And you get a clear view of who’s registered and paid.

Screenshot: Custom Registration Form

Beautiful Mobile App

Build an elegant mobile conference app for Android and iOS. Your data is available across the whole system, no copying needed.

Beautiful Mobile App
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Screenshot: Ex Ordo App



Screenshot: Ex Ordo App



Screenshot: Ex Ordo App



Trusted Worldwide

We work with 11 of the top 20 universities, and many global organisations.

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