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3 ways to promote your conference!

30 May 2016

You could be planning the best research conference the world has ever seen, but if no one knows about it then what is the point? [July 2017 Update: Ex Ordo announce PaperCrowd, the free research conference directory. Promote your conference to the global research community for free. Add your event in a couple of minutes. You can…


Manage abstract submissions efficiently!

19 May 2016

  Perhaps you’ve organized many research conferences in the past, or indeed this may be your first. Either way, are you wondering if you need an online abstract submissions system? Well, what if I said you would be crazy not to consider one. An online abstract submissions system can eliminate over 90% of your admin…


Failing to plan is planning to fail!

6 May 2016

A great conference cannot be achieved without great planning! As we have said a number of times: Failing to plan, is planning to fail! Before you do anything, you should take time to carefully plan out your conference. Do so by giving yourself enough time in advance to outline everything you expect to be involved. The initial conference…

Conference Planning Organisers

10 ways to make your conference great

11 April 2016

Organizing a research conference is a wonderful thing to have on your CV… But it is no easy task. We here at Ex Ordo have worked with hundreds of conferences all around the world, including 11 of the top 20 universities. We understand of the importance of organizing a great conference, but are aware of the amount of hard…


Key takeaways of our top 3 articles

24 March 2016

Here at The Conference Mentor we aim to bring you tips and advice for organising and promoting conferences. Let’s take a look at the top three most popular articles over the past year, and summarise the key takeaways. #1 Organising a Conference? Here are some tips to rise to the challenge.  Organising an academic conference involves a…


[Infographic] Benefits of Online Abstract Management

30 October 2015

On one hand, many research conference Chairs have to juggle the organisation of their event with a full time job as academics. This means they can’t afford to waste time on admin work that has little added value. On the other hand, putting together a technical programme involves a lot of tasks that can be…

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