Custom Registration Form

Create a custom registration form to take payments by credit/debit card or offline. Links to your Paypal account and is fully PCI-compliant.

Screenshot: Registration Form.

Payments Overview

Custom Registration Form

Build a custom registration form with early/late fees, taxes, currencies, social events, workshops and more. Collect dietary, special requirements and delegate badge info.

Free for Ex Ordo Users

The payments module is free for Ex Ordo users. Only Paypal┬┤s own fees apply.

Credit/Debit Payments

Participants can pay by credit or debit card without setting up a Paypal account.

Offline Payments

Participants can download and invoice to pay at a later date. You simply mark them off as paid when you receive the funds.

Fully PCI Compliant

PayPal manages your customer's credit card details, and is fully PCI compliant and secure.

Links to your Paypal a/c

The registration form links to your Paypal a/c. Payments are transferred directly to your bank a/c.

Integrated, no duplication

Delegates can use their Ex Ordo account to register.

Reports and Exports

Export the registration data to Excel for offline analysis.

30 Min Setup
99.9% Uptime
Super Support
Secure HTTPS