Custom Form for Authors

Create a custom form for authors in 30 minutes. No downloads, everything is online and backed up daily. Export all the data to excel for easy reporting.

Screenshot: Submission Step.

Submission Overview

Custom Form Builder

Create a custom form for your authors in minutes. Include tracks, topics, abstracts, papers, attachments, presentation types, word counts, custom fields, special characters, formatting and more.

Authors Love the System

Author submissions are auto-saved as they go. Get email confirmation and edit submissions right up until the deadline.

Single or Multiple Tracks

Single track for small conferences. Multi-track for larger conferences with separate track chairs, deadlines, topics and reviewers.

Scalable and Flexible

Used by conferences of all sizes across all disciplines - from 50 to 5000 submissions.

Search and Filtering

Search and filter by submissions, authors, reviewers and reviews.


Export all your conference data to Excel for offline analysis.

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Custom Formats

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Submission Statistics

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Custom Topics

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