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The no-panic guide to organising a great research conference.

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Chances are you don’t have days to waste on event admin. We’ve created this handy planner to help you cut down on time and focus on the important stuff.
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With some planning, a good team and the right software, you can organise a great research conference – without the sleepless nights. This ebook will help get you there.

  • 5 Key elements to conference success.
  • Sample conference timeline.
  • Conference budget template.
  • Detailed task list for delegation.
Conference planning e-book
Conference planning e-book

The People Behind the eBook

For more than a decade, we’ve been helping people power their scientific, technical and medical conferences. Now, recent events have proven the need for a virtual event contingency plan. And we believe this will become the new norm. So, we’ve pulled together a collection of lessons and tips to help you give your physical event a new life online.

Paul Killoran
CEO & Founder
Paul is a published researcher who got so frustrated with how bad conference software was that he built Ex Ordo. He’s fanatical about delighting people who use our software. His idea of the perfect evening is an open fire, a Guinness in hand, and a great chat.
Jelena Đerić
Customer Success
An event pro in another life, Jelena spends her time helping people around the world have happy conferences on Ex Ordo. She loves creating lasting connections with our customers and feeding her friends and family mouth-wateringly good food.
Dee McCurry
Dee helps shape the new features we build at Ex Ordo. She enjoys thinking through customer needs, and loves finding the words that make a complicated process simple. When she’s not bashing on a keyboard, you’ll find her weaving baskets from willow or drinking fancy herbal tea.

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