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Conference Planning Guide

How to organize a research conference your delegates will love.

What You Should Know About Custom Dissertation Writing and Why

17 May 2017

Custom Dissertation Writing Our personalised article writing services contains tons of free bonuses byway of instance complimentary cover web site, completely free overview, and totally no cost bibliography web page. Once you opt to let us personalized dissertation-writing support assist you with your educational newspaper, it will be likely to anticipate that a habit made…

Presenting do’s & don’ts [Infographic]

15 May 2017

Presenting in front of any type of audience can be daunting at the best of times, but being prepared is always half the battle. Recently, the people at Walkerstone created a very clever infographic on what you should and shouldn’t do when presenting to an audience – who knew the average human attention span is now…


Simplify the review process with Ex Ordo

12 April 2017

With research conferences, the review process is crucial to developing a strong technical program. Submissions to conferences should be reviewed by experts in each particular topic area.  Reviewers score and grade submissions and make a recommendation for acceptance or rejection to the chair.   Ex Ordo’s platform minimises the pain involved in reviewing. Our aim is to…

Peer reviewing Organising

How to RSVP using Ex Ordo

6 February 2017

When you send an invitation of any kind, you normally would like the invitee to reply by a specific date stating whether they’ll be in attendance or not. The main reason for this is to get a better idea of the number of attendees at your event. It happens with wedding and party invitations, for…


Finding sponsorship for your conference

8 January 2017

When organising a conference, one of the biggest challenges is getting money “in the bank” early in the process. The biggest revenue generator is normally from delegate registration fees, but this doesn’t come in until very close to the conference day. Before that, there are overheads – venues need a deposit, caterers need to be paid, a…


Who’s involved in running a conference?

23 November 2016

There’s a great deal of preparation and planning involved in organising a conference. Once the authors have submitted their paper, the number of people involved in putting the pieces of the jigsaw together all the way to the conference day can vary. In this blog, I’ll give you an insight into how Ex Ordo deals…