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Who should fund early career researchers’ attendance?

23 July 2014

Getting funding for conference attendance isn’t easy, especially if you’re an early career researcher. What can conference committees do to help? Tseen Khoo and Jonathan O’Donnell, who form the gestalt entity, the Research Whisperer, have kindly helped to shed some light on this topic. Delegate Financial Support The Conference Mentor (TCM): Do you think conference committees should support some…

Attending Research conferences

Should the conference committee thank reviewers?

17 July 2014

The reviewing stage is fundamental to any conference. Without reviewing, there won’t be any good feedback loops, and without feedback loops, research communities cannot develop and improve. Reviewers are one of the hardest working groups of people behind the scenes at a conference, but do they get the recognition they deserve? More importantly, do they…

Research world Peer reviewing

Mobile apps to aid conference networking

16 June 2014

Networking at a conference is one of the most difficult aspects of attending a conference for many. It’s difficult to approach someone you’ve never spoken to and try to start a conversation. The growth in technology has helped this process somewhat with mobile apps. Here are some of the most popular mobile apps to help…

Conference Day

Spring Cleaning your mailing list

10 June 2014

Before sending out your Call for Papers (CFP), you need to have a mailing list you can actually send the email to (the other option is promote via Conference Announcements sites). The best place to start is with the database of emails from the previous years conference. While this is the most up-to-date list to have,…

Collecting Submissions

3 WordPress themes for your conference website

22 May 2014

The conference website is one of the first major milestones of the planning process (there is more information on all the milestones in our conference planning eBook). We have already discussed what to consider when implementing an effective conference website design in the first part of this blog post. It can be time consuming and costly. But…

Conference Promotion
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