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How to organize a research conference your delegates will love.

Organiser Time Traps #2 – Peer Review

30 October 2013

Picture the scene – you’re a conference chair/organiser and you’ve just closed off your call for papers. You’ve received 300 submissions, even more than you anticipated. You decided early on that each abstract would be reviewed by 3 people, so you have now 900 reviews to be carried out.  So how do you allocate 900…

Peer reviewing

Respecting your Reviewers

18 October 2013

Following on from last week’s post on Guide to a Happy Chair at the Reviewing Process, this week we will look at the other side of the coin-the Reviewers. The reviewing stage happens after all abstract submissions are taken in. Reviewers are crucial to making a research project happen. The key to ensuring they are…

Peer reviewing

Minimising Problems during Reviewing

11 October 2013

For a conference to be successfully set up and carried out, a lot of inputs have to be taken into consideration- from authors, reviewers and administrative staff to name just a few. With the exception of a meeting planner, most if not all other staff have other full-time duties. This poses a problem for the…

Peer reviewing

Mobile Apps For Your Conference – Part 2

27 July 2013

Event Coordinator came in at number 6 in Forbes list of the most stressful jobs of 2012. That’s in the same league as: pilots, military soldiers and fire-fighters! Mobile event apps should make your life easier, so we took a look into which ones do this best. [UPDATE: We’ve just launched our own mobile conference…

Conference Programme Conference Day

Mobile Apps For Your Conference

27 July 2013

It’s official, according to an industry analysts from Gartner, 2013 will be the year that smartphones surpass PC’s as the most common method for accessing the web. So, we went ahead and researched some mobile applications that could be useful for your event. However, with new apps being released every day, it’s easy to get confused….

Conference Programme Conference Day

Make your call for papers stand out

5 July 2013

Academics can receive hundreds of call for papers emails every year (as you can see in the image below!). Yours will have to be catchy, neat and informative if you want them to open it. [July 2017 Update: Ex Ordo announce PaperCrowd, the free research conference directory. Organisers can add a conference and make it visible…

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