Mobile apps to aid conference networking

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Networking at a conference is one of the most difficult aspects of attending a conference for many. It’s difficult to approach someone you’ve never spoken to and try to start a conversation. The growth in technology has helped this process somewhat with mobile apps. Here are some of the most popular mobile apps to help with networking before, during and after the conference.

Ex Ordo

Our mobile conference app is custom-built for research and academic conferences and you can use it to let delegates make connections before your conference even begins. Delegates can send each other private messages and create public posts. And you can take the pulse of any session with live in-app polls and surveys and use the real-time feedback to drive audience discussion.


Pathable is a networking app that helps connect delegates before, during and after the conference. The app helps find delegates with similar interests to you or in your industry. As you can talk to these people before the conference even begins, a relationship is already built with them so when you finally meet them face to face, it doesn’t seem as daunting.


Goosechase is the networking app that allows your delegates to network through scavenger hunts. The app takes away the need for awkward into conversations with interactive games where task have to be completed and photos need to be taken to show the task has been fulfilled.


Bizzabo allows in-messaging both from your mobile or the web. The app integrates with your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts seamlessly which creates a rich profile of each delegate. Similar to Pathable, the app helps networking not just at the event, but helps introduce delegates before the event and helps strengthen the relationships after.


The longest part of conferences for delegates is often the travel involved getting there. Planely lets you connect with delegates before your plane even takes off. The app identifies who in your professional network is travelling at a similar time to you, so you can see who will be in the airport to potentially meet for a coffee while you’re waiting for the flight. It helps build these relationships before the conference and may help open up a larger networking pool at the event.

While these apps all have networking capabilities, most offer so much more. This list is by no means exhaustive and the apps are randomly picked. Julius Solaris’ Event Manager Blog has a fantastic Event App Bible that is free to download and contains many more networking apps.  If you’ve any more to add to this list, feel free to email

Happy Conferencing!