Conference Organizing Made Simple with the help of Mobile Apps

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There used to be a time that organizing conferences required an army, equipped with standard phones, notepads or notebooks, different colored ink pens and highlighters. A list of people invited to the conference was always on hand and every update and announcement had to be delivered to each attendee through email, text or a phone call. In the fast-paced, technology-driven world we live in today, organizing a conference is much easier, similar to finding simple payment solutions, which makes things easier for the booming generation of entrepreneurs. All that is needed to accomplish this feat is a mobile app and active fingers. From there, it’s an easy process.

What App is Right for You

First, choose which site you want to use to create your mobile conference event. There are several to choose from, including: CrowdCompass, Meetingplay, Guidebook, Zerista, Eventmobi etc. Remember that your job as the conference organizer does not start and end at the event. Your job begins from the time the idea of a conference is agreed upon all the way through to evaluating the success of the conference when it’s over. Thus it’s best to choose an app that can be of some assistance to you throughout the entire project.

Next, start setting up your mobile conference event app by personalizing your home screen making sure to include a drag-and-drop feature for your logo to catch the attention of your target participants and delight your exhibitors. Most apps’ home site like Eventmobi offers an array of customizations that allows you to explore your creativity and ensure satisfaction of your participants, exhibitors and sponsors. It is important to have an app that will make everyone involved comfortable with different aspects of the process, such as advertisements for your sponsors, or password protected access and translations to at least 17 different languages.

When the day of your event comes, chances are you will be nervously on the lookout for anything that might go wrong, so you can swoop in and fix it. Using a mobile conference event app can take a load off your hands so you’re able to do just that. Another really good feature is that you’ll be able to check who actually showed up for the conference, without physically taking attendance. Using Mobileevent by Quickmobile, you can also conduct live polls, which allows you to get the opinions of your attendees in real-time.

Furthermore, in reference to the attendees, QuickMobile includes features that are also attendee-friendly and they allow users to personalize their schedules, contact lists and document collections. In fact, a QuickMobile app was used during the World Education Congress (WEC) last year (2014) and the event coordinators boasted of not having to print an event catalog because of using this app. The whole event was outlined within the app and the attendees created their own calendars, so they could be sure to make it to the lectures on the topics that they were really interested in. The attendees did not have to leaf through pages of handouts or a list of lectures or meetings. They had all the information they needed, easily accessible on the mobile app. The fun part about it was that the event app was left open for two weeks following the event, so the attendees could vote on their favorite pictures from the event.

Another attendee-friendly app developer to consider is CrowdCompass. Using their app, the attendees can find their way to meeting rooms, exchange contact information with people they meet and even share on social networks, which makes networking that much easier.


Finally, once the adrenaline rush of organizing a majorly successful event has died down, don’t forget that your job as an organizer still is not finished. Zerista can help you to make sure you get your data together so nothing goes unaccounted for. Their app includes networking and discussion features that allow you to contact attendees after the event for a discussion or retrieving feedback. You can also use the Zerista app to conduct polls and surveys.

Everything you need to organize and later evaluate a successful conference is within your reach. Make a list of things that you really want in an app and a list of what is important to you in an event. Afterwards, check out the different apps available so you ensure that you get all the help you need and will ever need for your event.

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