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Promoting your conference

There are numerous channels for promoting conferences, the one you choose will depend on the time and budget you have available. We’ve put together a list of tools that will help you to advertise your event, even with a small budget.

[July 2017 Update: Ex Ordo announce PaperCrowd, the free research conference directory. Promote your conference to the global research community for free. Add your event in a couple of minutes.]


Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research estimates that one minute of video has as much value as 1.8 million words (or 3,600 typical web pages).

You could create a simple interview style video that requires little or no editing but investing more time will be worth it, especially in considering 1.8 million words would take you 150 days!

To create a video in-house, you can use apps to give it a more polished look. Magisto is a particularly intuitive app that lets you upload images and videos easily. Animoto lets you work off templates to include your own images, edit clips and add in sound.

You could go to a local video producer or use something like the Video Brewery where you can post your requirements and a select group of creators will let you know how they can help you.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be seen as the old fashioned way to market, but it works. The Direct Marketing Association estimates a 4,300% ROI on emails sent. The labour hours and time involved are minimal for the potential return. There are some great apps that help you manage the process like Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and Active Campaign. Each lets you send to an uploaded list of recipients, track the open rates and manage subscribing and unsubscribing.

Content is king and the guys over at Top Non Profits have a content planner that will help you to get started. Delegates need to hear new fresh information about your event. Emails for early bird closing, new speaker announcements or activities in the event location keep recipients interested.

Use Your Delegates to Market your Conference

Networking is in the top 5 reasons to attend any event, you want to be where the guys you want to talk to are. Publishing your delegate list lets potential delegates see who they can mingle with in the hall between sessions.

The list should be posted to your website, with the most high profile attendees singled out. Do this by including a picture and short biography of those attendees with a link to the full list elsewhere.

Promote your Conference on PaperCrowd for free.

PaperCrowd is Ex Ordo’s free directory of research conferences. Add your event for free and it automatically becomes visible to the global research community. It’s free and only takes a  couple of minutes.


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