Conference Organizing Made Simple with the help of Mobile Apps

Conference Planning

There used to be a time that organizing conferences required an army, equipped with standard phones, notepads or notebooks, different colored ink pens and highlighters. A list of people invited to the conference was always on hand and every update and announcement had to be delivered to each attendee through email, text or a phone…

The changing face of research conferences according to 9 industry experts

Research conferences

Academics often complain that research conferences haven’t evolved in years. And yet, many things have the potential to shake up how conferences are done. Internet is opening a new world of possibilities in terms of participation, networking, and collaboration; conferences are becoming more and more international; new technologies are changing how information is being shared and circulated. So what…

Announcing new features: Reviewer Widget and Custom Emails

Ex Ordo News

We have just released a new version of the tool with three amazing features to give you more control over your data and content and make your life easier. Reviewer Widget Ever wondered how suitable your reviewers are for the paper? Say no more! Ex Ordo now have a “star rating” for each reviewer’s suitability…

Trading the madness of a manual process for the flexibility of an online system

Conference Planning

Jeni Ryan is the Administrative Officer of the Trinity College Dublin School of Nursing & Midwifery. She’s been organising events for over ten years. She uses Ex Ordo for the School’s flagship event, the Healthcare Interdisciplinary Research Conference, which represents 200 to 300 submissions. We’ve interviewed Jeni to understand the benefits she experienced from switching…

Virtually Connecting: an innovative initiative to enhance the virtual conference experience [Interview]

Research conferences

Maha Bali (@Bali_Maha), Associate Professor of Practice, Center for Learning and Teaching at the American University in Cairo, MOOCaholic and writeaholic and Rebecca Hogue (@rjhogue), an unaffiliated scholar, innovator, and educator met during the #rhizo14 MOOC last January 2014. Together, they founded Virtually Connecting, a project that connects virtual conference participants to onsite attendees via video conferencing tools….

Would your presentation be better off without slides? [Guest post]


This is a guest post by Enago. Slides are an option, not a requirement For anyone whose workweek includes one or more meetings or the infamous ‘town hall’ presentations or who’s attending a research conference, the prospect of yet another PowerPoint slide presentation is enough to generate much eye-rolling and audible groaning. It seems that…

The conference is over: 5 things to do before you celebrate


After months of blood, sweat and tears, your research conference has finally been wrapped up! It came and passed without a hiccup, participants seemed to enjoy themselves and the guest speakers went down a storm. Success! While you’re close to the finish line, your work isn’t quite done yet. Below are five essentials to look…