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When you send an invitation of any kind, you normally would like the invitee to reply by a specific date stating whether they’ll be in attendance or not. The main reason for this is to get a better idea of the number of attendees at your event. It happens with wedding and party invitations, for example.

This is also the case for research conferences. Ex Ordo has recently added an RSVP function, which is designed to help you collect the information about which accepted submissions are actually going to be attending the conference and present at it. The benefit of this is it will give you an idea of which submissions should actually be included on your conference timetable and your book of proceedings.

After you make your final decisions on who to accept and who to reject, you can notify authors of their submission status. At this stage, you can ask them to RSVP to confirm that their submission will be present. Authors on these submissions will have to reply to your question and define if one of the authors will actually attend and present the submission on site. Here’s what a typical RSVP would look like:


You can keep track of the statistics on who’s accepted and declined your invitation on your dashboard (see image below). Any submission with a declined RSVP status will not appear in your Programme, Presentation or Timetable and their authors will not be asked to upload a final draft.


Remind Authors to RSVP

There are a couple ways to send reminders to authors to ensure they reply before your deadline.

(1) You can activate automated reminder emails to prompt authors to reply before your deadline. This will send all Pending (i.e. those have not replied) RSVP authors an email 10 days, 3 days and 1 day before your RSVP deadline to remind them to respond. These emails are customizable.

(2) You can manually send out emails to groups of people at a time using the Ex Ordo Communication Centre. Here you can filter by the Pending authors and compose your reminder email to them.


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