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The Future of Research Conferences, According to The Experts

24 August 2015

Academics often complain that research conferences haven’t evolved in years. And yet, many things have the potential to shake up how conferences are done. Internet is opening a new world of possibilities in terms of participation, networking, and collaboration; conferences are becoming more and more international; new technologies are changing how information is being shared and circulated. So what…

Research conferences

Virtually Connecting: Enhancing the virtual conference experience

17 July 2015

Maha Bali (@Bali_Maha), Associate Professor of Practice, Center for Learning and Teaching at the American University in Cairo, MOOCaholic and writeaholic and Rebecca Hogue (@rjhogue), an unaffiliated scholar, innovator, and educator met during the #rhizo14 MOOC last January 2014. Together, they founded Virtually Connecting, a project that connects virtual conference participants to onsite attendees via video conferencing tools….

Research conferences

We believe academics deserve great tools

24 February 2015

Last month, Anand Sarwate, author of the blog The Ergodic Walk, and Assistant Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, posted an article on the tools available for academics. He opened it with an unusual question: “Why oh why can’t we have nice web-based software for academic…

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Who should fund early career researchers’ attendance?

23 July 2014

Getting funding for conference attendance isn’t easy, especially if you’re an early career researcher. What can conference committees do to help? Tseen Khoo and Jonathan O’Donnell, who form the gestalt entity, the Research Whisperer, have kindly helped to shed some light on this topic. Delegate Financial Support The Conference Mentor (TCM): Do you think conference committees should support some…

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Why Conferences Matter

3 March 2014

IEEE is one of the largest organisers of research conferences in the world. They sponsor approximately 1400 conferences every year, and have created a fantastic video on why conferences matter. Video courtesy of The conference setting is essentially the social platform for researchers. Researchers spend most of their time working behind a computer screen,…

Research conferences