Improve your review process with peer review software

14 September 2016

  When organising a research conference, the biggest headache often lies with the peer review stage. Peer review software that assists with the abstract management process wasn’t always as advanced as nowadays. Conference organisers and their admin team were required to manually collect submissions, check each submission complied with the formatting, reject if they did…

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3 elements of a successful conference

12 September 2016

Naturally, the more experience you have in organising research conferences the more chance you know how to perfect them. Here are 3 quick tips for you on what shapes a successful conference; apply these elements and you’re halfway there to roaring success! 1. Excellent Planning This is the number 1 rule for organising any conference…


Promote your conference

12 July 2016

One of our most popular articles to date has been List of Conference Announcement Sites to Promote Your Call For Papers. With this in mind, I decided to update this list with some new additions! Many conference organisers find it difficult to find websites to announce their conference/call for papers. To assist you with this headache we created a handy…


Must-have peer review system features

30 June 2016

If you’ve organised a research conference in the past, you will be aware of the mammoth amount of work involved in the abstract management process. Indeed, while of course the entire process is an enormous task, it’s the peer review phase that takes up the greatest effort. So you’re seeking a peer review system, but…

Peer reviewing Organising

Tips for organizing panel discussions

20 June 2016

Panel discussions are a great way of getting a wide range of viewpoints from experts in a specific field. In this article, I touch on some of the essential elements you need to consider when putting together a panel discussion. Like any event, panel discussions need to be well planned and thought-out. The Format First thing’s first, choose…

Conference Programme Organising

3 ways to promote your conference

30 May 2016

You could be planning the best research conference the world has ever seen, but if no one knows about it then what is the point? [July 2017 Update: Ex Ordo announce PaperCrowd, the free research conference directory. Promote your conference to the global research community for free. Add your event in a couple of minutes. You can…

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