Why Conferences Matter

3 March 2014

IEEE is one of the largest organisers of research conferences in the world. They sponsor approximately 1400 conferences every year, and have created a fantastic video on why conferences matter. Video courtesy of IEEE.tv The conference setting is essentially the social platform for researchers. Researchers spend most of their time working behind a computer screen,…

Research conferences

Tips for a better Conference Call

13 February 2014

When organising a large conference, a Chair will usually have a committee to help them with some of the day-to-day tasks. As committee members may be spread across a State or country, it is not always viable for everyone to meet at one particular location. This has increased the popularity of conference calls. A conference…

Conference Planning

Is an Open Peer Review System the Way Forward?

22 January 2014

The role of reviewing is to help the conference Chairs decide on whether to accept or reject papers or abstracts. Up to now, the most common forms of reviewing has been the single or double-blind review, where the authors don’t know who the reviewers are. However, the idea of using an open peer review system…

Research conferences
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