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Counting the Conference Cash

4 April 2014

In our most recent posts, we have talked about ways of using Twitter to create a buzz around your conference, general ways to promote your conference and how to make your Call for Papers stand out. Before you start any promoting however, a budget needs to be put in place. Below are just some of…

Conference Planning

Creating a Conference buzz with Twitter

2 April 2014

It is important to use the most cost-effective methods to promote your conference. One of these ways is via Twitter. There are numerous benefits to using Twitter for your conference – here are some of the main ones.   The Power of Recommendations Recommendations are very powerful. A recommendation that a delegate gets from a trusted source…

Conference Promotion

Why Conferences Matter

3 March 2014

IEEE is one of the largest organisers of research conferences in the world. They sponsor approximately 1400 conferences every year, and have created a fantastic video on why conferences matter. Video courtesy of The conference setting is essentially the social platform for researchers. Researchers spend most of their time working behind a computer screen,…

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Tips for a better Conference Call

13 February 2014

When organising a large conference, a Chair will usually have a committee to help them with some of the day-to-day tasks. As committee members may be spread across a State or country, it is not always viable for everyone to meet at one particular location. This has increased the popularity of conference calls. A conference…

Conference Planning

Benefits and drawbacks of single-blind peer review

12 February 2014

In our recent posts, we have discussed both what’s involved in both double-blind peer review and open reviewing. The third, and so far most common, form of reviewing is the single-blind peer review. Definition of single-blind peer review Single-blind peer review means that the identity of the reviewer is anonymous, but the author’s name and affiliation are on…

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