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How to Handle the Conference Q&A Session

9 March 2015

Being accepted to present your work at a conference is a big achievement. You get to showcase your work to a larger audience. However, the Q&A session is just as important as the presentation itself. Here are some tips on how to handle the conference Q&A session. Set your stall out early Before you begin your presentation,…


Is Peer Review Productive?

3 September 2014

Peer review is the evaluation of an abstract or paper by work by other people with a competence on the topic in the same field of research. It is usually either single-blind reviewed, double-blind reviewed or open reviewed. Every reviewer commits to provide timely and detailed feedback for authors. The main goal of peer reviewing is to increase the…

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Are Research Conferences Embracing Technology?

26 August 2014

When it comes to academic conferences, the general consensus is they are more reluctant to change compared to the general events industry. Some practices have been in place for decades. While technology is not necessarily a new phenomenon, the conference industry has not been known for embracing a lot of change. The question is, is…

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Should the conference committee thank reviewers?

17 July 2014

The reviewing stage is fundamental to any conference. Without reviewing, there won’t be any good feedback loops, and without feedback loops, research communities cannot develop and improve. Reviewers are one of the hardest working groups of people behind the scenes at a conference, but do they get the recognition they deserve? More importantly, do they…

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