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24 February 2017

Last month, Anand Sarwate, author of the blog The Ergodic Walk, and Assistant Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, posted an article on the tools available for academics. He opened it with an unusual question: “Why oh why can’t we have nice web-based software for academic…

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[Infographic] Benefits of Online Abstract Management

30 October 2015

On one hand, many research conference Chairs have to juggle the organisation of their event with a full time job as academics. This means they can’t afford to waste time on admin work that has little added value. On the other hand, putting together a technical programme involves a lot of tasks that can be…

Conference Planning

The Perfect IEEE Peer Review System

21 September 2015

Since 2013, we’ve been attending IEEE’s Panel of Conference Organizers (POCO) as a preferred partner for IEEE, participating in panels on peer review. At this year’s POCO in Glasgow, we had the opportunity to lead a group session with IEEE volunteers. We asked the participants what would be the characteristics of the perfect Peer Review…

Peer reviewing

The Future of Research Conferences, According to The Experts

24 August 2015

Academics often complain that research conferences haven’t evolved in years. And yet, many things have the potential to shake up how conferences are done. Internet is opening a new world of possibilities in terms of participation, networking, and collaboration; conferences are becoming more and more international; new technologies are changing how information is being shared and circulated. So what…

Research conferences

Manual Vs Online Abstract Management

10 August 2015

Jeni Ryan is the Administrative Officer of the Trinity College Dublin School of Nursing & Midwifery. She’s been organising events for over ten years. She uses Ex Ordo for the School’s flagship event, the Healthcare Interdisciplinary Research Conference, which represents 200 to 300 submissions. We’ve interviewed Jeni to understand the benefits she experienced from switching…

Conference Planning
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